other questions arose by midfall
good news from the weather forecasters
tougher opponents were for high commanders
desire for corporative godfathers
so bold
easy gratitude won back the fast moving terra madre
once that kept the policy of good sense
in a simple supper
at its usual pattern
‘the far from over’ swept not the constitution
of evil
yet it took deliberately a midget’s figure
which hindered the school boy
during his tyrannical meetings
with the silk bloused, sharp-eyed, snake-tongued
insensitive Mrs. Clemency
the postman reached the boy’s place
with a letter of menace
from our dear headmaster’s office
the horse rider reached the postman
who due to lack of care
and haste
lost the document so deeply precious
someone now must have taken stock of the situation
but who
when the roads were winding about
a forest and went through a fish drive in a pond
for the rod
the stunning secret slipped the postman’s mind
the horse rider took then of it advantage
considerably, considerably

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