cream the bunny

random photo of lily and flo
moth stretching and ministerial bootism
my favourite blue flag
occasionally over the red faces
which once have been honey yellow
sophistry undurable, hard cash
on the husks of grapes
casuistry filthy
we all like vermouth
like anything
forward air left the trailer
nothing to be found

on regulations and reports
this crisis sums up the question
how are you, deer dear?
people think you deserve to die
I, on the contrary, keep telling them
you deserve to live
but strategy unsure of its results
equals a stuffed rabbit on a chopping board
and we dislike that creature
to run in the oven
I don't want to know
how the happiness of our awsome noses would
be left behind
or how from pathological chasers we can become
animal lovers
or breeders
of course we could sniff
the matter ain't dropped nowhere else but in
the preheated tray
feel like fools, anyway

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