somebody told you

people I guess watch down and dry.no seriously they blend the shake in the boogie
then they may surprisingly look up and what they see high is highly offensive
and what they afterwards think is not to ever get used with. distress blackens an already sordid half blood sister who calls her name some special authority might have
that shows genes do come with a vignette so as to be driven legally even when
the customs officer is raging stoutly pulling out orders as if of a royal breed
without anybody to listen without any of his flooding requirements to be operative
we have this perfectly salamander saliva splashed on a big waiting room mattress
somebody told you to spring up in your feet and nod somebody told you to declare the scarlet fever and other veneral disease a venerable age gives you the creeps
but who gets off cheaply holds attention who can't help laughing is the fast ass-kicking fancy west bond boy that burns the tyres of our bus to zaragoza
and cries for his moma

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