all his geese are swans

whatever your head refuses, life compels and tortures. either you stubbornly avoid the happy start of struggle or scumbag they will call you, in no truth of it, a lot of charges might they bring against you. the species is beyond recognition formidable. Perkins, described as the Socialist's best opportunist. Rumsfeld played monopoly with former and new europe. expansion in the gasification plan act. western brigdes over her blackberry eyes, d-F-ence the past summers, more scheduled o-FF-ence to disperse the misplaced rain drops after the discus throwing. justice swindles not the filibusters. they expect all the benefits, they are loud and seditious, why blame the sausage for being so spicy when the stable simplicity of things speaks volumes for us. stirring our who we are and where we come from as far as it goes. leave it to me. the nearer you get the more creepy it may become. you have a place to stay, the state fucked you over and over but you still believe in cooperation, you specifically require for something. The answer is: no. it is by fax it shall be let you know. (to our client, citizen Wan).

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